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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

Thasos Island Attractions

Attractions Thassos allow you to get to know both Greece and the island's culture in general. On a seemingly small island, there was a place for a museum, an amphitheater, sanctuaries, an ancient agora, a couple of Acropolis, an unusual lagoon and a special marble beach.

In general, there is something to see and what to do besides beach seals pastime.

The most popular tourist attractions of Thassos

However, as elsewhere, on the island there are top places that are necessarily visited by travelers. It's not necessary to devote all your vacation to Thassos, but something is recommended.

Places that are worth visiting are divided into groups.

Thasos Villages

Castro, Panagia, Kalirahi, Theologos are those that are not located near the sea, but in the depths of the island. Where you need to travel by car. Some are located in the mountains, others are not so high. Each is remarkable in its own way, has its own reasons for visiting.

Unusual beaches

Beaches with a twist are even on a small Thassos - it's Marble Beach with marble chips, Tripithi with a passage in the rock, Giola lagoon as a natural pool, Aliki with a view of the Acropolis.

Ancient ruins and ruins

The island has many sanctuaries dedicated to one or other gods, there are remnants of the ancient market, cities and squares and even its amphitheater - an antique platform for performing artists.


For those who prefer hiking through museums, there are several of them on the thasos. The most eminent is the archaeological one in the capital. He offers a fairly large assortment of songs, sufficient to imbue with the story and see the new. Also there is a museum of the local famous sculptor, and in Panagia there is an exhibition of machines for preparing olive oil and a description of the process.

We offer you the top 10 attractions of Thassos.

  • Archaeological Museum in Limenos (Thasos Port)
  • Sanctuaries of Athena, Hercules and others (more precisely, their ruins)
  • Agora in Limenos
  • Thassos Amphitheater in Limenas
  • Aliki Beach and Acropolis in Aliki
  • Archangel Michael Monastery
  • Mount Ipsario
  • Villages of Castro, Theologos, Panagia
  • Lagoon Giola
  • Marble Beach

Since the island is very small, you can visit many sights, as they say, in one sitting. For example, the first 4 points are in close proximity to each other at the port of Thassos. Aliki and the famous monastery are a couple of kilometers apart. Villages can be visited by combining a visit to them with a trip to Ipsario (if you leave early in the morning and do not stay long in the villages).

In addition to the interesting places mentioned above, you can meet on your way interesting only to you and get no less pleasure from them.

Thassos / Sights

Clarifying queries:

The highest mountain of the island

The highest mountain of the island

The highest point of the island. Include its conquest in your tourist plans.



3rd century BC

Lagoon Giola

Lagoon Giola

Lagoon with turquoise water

What souvenirs to bring from Thassos

What souvenirs to bring from Thassos

What to bring from the island in memory - to yourself and loved ones. The most famous things of Thassos.

Things to do on Thasos

Things to do on Thasos

Interesting places, worthy of attention of tourists

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