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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos


Kalirahi is a village in the west Thassos Islands, about 18 km from the main town of Thassos, located on a hill among olive groves. A walk along it will take place in all the Greek villages - along winding streets looking at red roofs and white houses. Like almost all the villages of Thassos, it has its twin satellite near the sea - the Rock of Calirach. On the road from the village to the Rock of Kalirahi you will be met by the church of St. Marina.

Kaliraki Rock is a tourist coastal area with taverns, several hotels, its own promenade, along which you can walk or simply sit on a bench, admiring the sea and mooring fishing boats. Kalirahi has a port, which is used by all kinds of boats and boats.

In general, the village of Kalirahi is not as popular on Thassos as the famous Prinos, Limenaria, Theologos, Castro. Perhaps because there is nothing remarkable about it, in the eyes of tourists. If Prinos is a market on Mondays, Limenaria is the southern capital, Theologos is a former capital in the Middle Ages, Castro is a village high in the mountains, then Kalirahi is just a cozy village in which there is no fuss, and the Rock of Kalirahi is a place for a walk along the embankment.

Past the Kalirach Rock you will not pass - the road that circles the whole island around the circle passes through this point.

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