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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos


Aliki is the most popular holiday destination on Thassos. It is interesting that by visiting Aliki, you can combine rest on a beautiful beach with visiting historical sites, ruins, and also see the so-called unusual marble baths, formed due to the extraction of marble. All this is in one place, in the southeast of the island Thassos. On the way to Aliki you can visit Monastery of Archangel Michael, which is famous for the exposed piece of a nail, on which, as assure , Jesus Christ was crucified.

We advise you to give you a whole day to visit this direction.

Aliki. History of origin

So, Aliki, which are translated as salt mines, began their existence long before our era. The first mention of them dates back to the 7th century BC. It was based trading center, and there was a transport hub - the delivery of mined marble to other countries was carried out by sea. Here, marble and salt were mined, and some salt mines exist to this day. You can touch the spirit of times, after examining the ancient remains of the temples, to explore the ruins of buildings and old settlements. Once there was found a statue of a young man, who was sent to the museum of Turkey, namely to Istanbul. When viewing the archaeological sites, you can simultaneously appreciate the opening panorama of the Aliki beach, as the ancient ruins are on a hill where the whole of Aliki's head is viewed.

As for Aliki Beach, then it consists of two bays and forms the Small and Big Beaches. On a large beach, private and excursion yachts are often moored, as the place is really beautiful, although crowded. You can choose any of the two beaches that you like, and spend all day here. Taverns organize lunch or snacks throughout the day, the bars offer refreshing drinks and cocktails. Hotels are few here due to the fact that Aliki are recognized as Greek property, and buildings are forbidden here, any changes in the landscape are tentatively agreed with

Almost every traveler who arrives at Thassos tries to include an inspection of this place in his plans, as it satisfies the requests and lovers of beach holidays and wishing to join history, learn new things.

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