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Rent a car

Do not waste time on vacation, waiting for leisurely and non-punctual buses at Thassos, rent a car and go explore the island on your own schedule.


Rental offices on the island are located, mainly in large settlements - at Thassos (Limenas) and Limenaria.

There are both world-famous brands for renting cars, and local offices trying to keep up. Renting a car is a simple task, but it will be complicated if you want to save and rent the most economical and small car, especially during the peak season (mid-July to late August). In this case, you better book it in advance via the Internet, and strongly in advance, because such thoughtful as you, will abound. But at least you will have a chance to rent a car in the season for 30-40 euros per day, and not for 90 euros to take leftovers in the form of expensive voracious jeeps.

What you need to do before renting a car.

  • When renting a car, do not forget to clarify what the insurance is included in the price.
  • Take a picture of all the shortcomings of the car that you rent. All chips, dubious places, dents. Just in case.
  • If the driver of you is not very or you are scrupulous in choosing, try to take the car for a start for a day or two. The car for rent is a Russian roulette in terms of the general state of the art and the behavior of the car in motion.
  • Think about where you will park your car at night. The Greek streets are narrow and not all hotels have the opportunity to provide a parking space.
  • Of course, you must have international rights of the appropriate category, driving experience of at least 2 years, age from 21 years. And yet: before renting, remember the cost of gasoline in Europe and correlate with your financial capabilities.

From the advantages of renting a car

  • independence from the bus schedule;
  • availability: you can visit those beaches and places where the bus route does not pass;
  • Variety and time saving: for a day you can visit more places if you move on four wheels. Travel will be more fun and richer for impressions;
  • renting a car for rent to travel around the Thassos, you can comfortably live with air conditioning in a siesta, continuing to travel in the hottest midday hours. Otherwise, you'll have to sit half a day in a hotel or under an umbrella on the beach.

List of firms for car rental you can find on our website.

Estimated rental prices for the season.

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Clarifying queries:

Road around the island

Road around the island

Thasos Island has the shape of a circle that encircles the road

Office rental cars

Office rental cars

Where to rent a car in Thassos? List.

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