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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos


Sotiras is a village on the slope of Mount Ipsario, located at an altitude of 300 meters.

Features of Sotiras

First of all, Sotiras is interesting with the monastery of St. Panteleimon. It is interesting to get to all believers, as well as tourists interested in Greek customs. The road to the monastery itself is beautiful, stretches along the emerald hills.

The coast of Sotiras - The Rock of Sotiras is an exceptionally quiet place for calm contemplation. The beach is not long, rather narrow, but sandy. There is a port in which fishing boats moor.

Thanks to the port and the fishermen in Sotiras, you can taste fresh fish dishes made from freshly caught Aegean seafood.

Long ago in Sotiras there were terms that the Greeks used.

From the Rock of Sotiras, the village of Sotiras and the village of Prinos are at the same distance. If you are planning to live in Sotira, it is more convenient for you to arrive from the mainland at Thassos by ferry going along the route Kavala-Skala Prinos, and not to the port of Limenas (Thassos) (from Keramoti). From the port of Skala Prinos to Skala Sotiras, no more than about 6 km.

The rock of Sotiras is quite a secluded place, without noisy activities and entertainment. The circular road around the island runs in the exact direction of Skala Sotiras.

Thassos / Sotiras

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Road around the island

Road around the island

Thasos Island has the shape of a circle that encircles the road

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