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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos



  • Potamias is a village at the foot of Mount Ipsario (the highest point of Thassos). You can start your journey up the mountain from here, there is a direction sign.
  • In Potamias (as you might call, Potamia, Rock Potamia) there is a museum of the famous sculptor Vagis, a native of Thassos. The museum can be visited by lovers of Greek art and in general, for general development.
  • Rock Potamia has a wonderful long beach with a shallow approach to the water. That's why there are many families with children here.
  • The beach is attractive to camping enthusiasts.
  • From the beach you can walk to a beautiful fishing bay.
  • The advantage of Potamias is the close location of the village of Panagia and the chic beach of Chrysi Ammoudia, which you can read about in other articles.

Potamias Rock is a place near the beach, with apartments for rent. Potamias is a village located near the Rock of Potamias. With taverns, souvenir shops and traditional houses. On foot from the Rock of Potamia to the village of Potamia, walk a long way, several miles. Not far from Potamia is the village of Panagia, an even more famous village with a butter mill at a fascinating architecture for tourists.

Thassos / Potamias

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Road around the island

Road around the island

Thasos Island has the shape of a circle that encircles the road

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