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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos


Prinos - the second port of the Thassos Islands, following the port of Thassos in Limenas.

Prinos is a village on the of Thassos, located in the northwestern part of the island. There is the place of the Rock of Prinos and just Prinos. The word "Rock" means a settlement close to the sea, that is, the Rock Prinos is a port and the coast, and the village of Prinos itself is closer to the depth of the island. However, tourists call Prinos the place where they most often rest - that is, the coast and the port.

Port of Prinos

First of all, Prinos is a port and gateway to the island from the mainland of Greece. the town of Kavala. Ferries from Kavala moor several times a day. To the shore mooring and fishing vessels and excursion boats, which add an additional port color to the shore of Prinos. Prinos - the second port of Thassos Islands, following the port of Thassos in Lymanas.

The oil and olives of Prinos

Oil is being developed in Prinos, as evidenced by the oil platform, which can be seen from afar when approaching by ferry from the sea. Prinos is also famous for the large territory of the grove with old olive trees, among which there are both quite safe dachas of the Greeks, and houses that are in a deplorable state.

Beach Prinos

There are not many local residents in Prinos, but thanks to tourists this village seems crowded during the season. Prinos attracts tourists for Thassos, a rather long beach line in the pine forest. There will be a remarkable taek, which is salvation in the siesta, as it allows you to take a breath on the benches. Here is a stunning sunset, which creates the illusion that the sun is falling directly into the water (unlike the sunset at the port of Thassos, where the sun disappears on the horizon behind the mountain). The sea in Prinos has for the most part a sandy bottom, but in some places there is a bottom, overgrown with algae and rarely - sea urchins. Despite this, Prinos were chosen by families with children - because of the gentle entrance to the sea and the presence of children's playgrounds in close proximity to the beach.

Renting a house in Prinos

Accommodation in Prinos is presented for every taste and purse. There are both affordable apartments, studios, and five-star hotels with its own territory and the beach. There is a large organized camping in Prinos, where you can stay in your own house on wheels or in a tent.

In Prinos it is convenient to stop for those tourists who plan to travel around the island by car, as it is located in a convenient location . From here you can easily get to the capital of the island Limenas (16 km), and to the second capital of the island Limenaria (about 30 km).

The village itself is famous for its special kind of honey and a grove of olive trees, some of which are already more than 9 centuries old. Prinos is a popular and not a solitary place on the Thassos, one of the reasons for this is the location of the port. This port - the second largest on the island, has fewer routes per day, yet it provides an opportunity to reach the mainland in Kavala.

By the way, near Prinos, there is a large supermarket (really a supermarket, not the minimarkets scattered around the island, majestic supermarkets), perhaps the only one on the island that has a large area and a wide range of all kinds of goods.

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