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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos


Potos is located near the southern capital of Thassos - Limenaria. The town of Potos on Thassos is the most festive, noisy and disco on the island. There are flocking people who want to have fun.

Families come here for a variety of shopping and well-established recreation in hotels, young people - for dancing, all the rest - just for a holiday in the shower.

In the streets of Potos during the day, many cars (by the standards of the island, of course), which try to drive along a narrow road among many souvenir shops, bars, taverns. In the evenings music here sounds for every musical taste - rock, pop, lounge, Greek. Here, as nowhere else on Thassos, until late time, disco music sounds and the beach is in demand even in the dark.

The sea on Potos favors water sports, clean and transparent, like everywhere else on Thassos. Coast and Beach - sand with small stones.

There are enough decent hotels, villas and apartments on Potos. On Potos, you can come to dilute, in principle, a leisurely vacation on Thassos. Walk the evening, gaze at the noisy merry people, sit in a pleasant institution. And then happily go to a more peaceful place, chosen originally.

Or to settle in Potos thoroughly and purposefully, resting to the fullest.

From Potos there is a road to Theologos , a traditional Greek, quiet village, the former capital of Thassos. The journey takes about 20 minutes. The theologos - thats the exact opposite of Potos! Feel what Greece can be different by visiting Theologos in the afternoon and Potos later, in the evening on the same day.

Thassos / Potos

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