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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos


The village of Panagia at Thassos is a popular place among tourists and is named after the Holy Virgin Mary. Here you can spend a whole day, slowly strolling along the narrow streets, glancing around.

Panagia from above

Things to do in Panagia

First of all, consider traditional houses in the Greek style, admiring the rich imagination of the owners of houses in terms of decoration and decoration. Interesting houses, eye-riveting, in Panagia can not be counted. Beautiful, originally decorated, as if pretending to contest the best house of the year ...

Panagia village on Thassos

However, if you stray from the main street of the village and go deep, you will be able to see houses that are on one honest word, the roof of which threatens to move down. You can even look inside and see the rather poor decor of the room. What kind of Panagia is real, and what for tourists?


There are many shops in Panagia, shops with souvenirs, and the sale is carried out directly from the houses of local residents by the masters themselves. In theory, here you can buy everything that you can buy in other places in Thassos, but maybe you are lucky, and you will find something unusual among soap, oil, spices, textiles, etc. etc. There are shops with icons, antiques - that's where you can look.

Panagia Stores


The most cozy place in Panagia is at the end of the village: a square with a bridge, a pond, benches, trees, where you can relax and listen to the peaceful murmur of water (although children often run and make noise on the bridge).

Panagia Street

In general, Panagia, despite its status as a village, is quite a noisy place. There are many tourists here, as well as the bus route and many cars. If we compare Panagia with the well-known village of Theologos in Thassos, Panagia has more to see and buy, but the atmosphere in Panagia is undoubtedly "tourist", while in Theologos it is more original.


In Panagia, you can not pass by the oil mill. The entrance is free and accessible to all. The oil mill consists of a production room with machine tools, an exhibition of old oil mill equipment located on the street, and a shop. In the production room you can see the machines and try to trace the process of making olive oil, described on the plates for each mechanism.

Butterfly Panagia

The tablets are written in Greek, so if you came to the dairy on your own and without a guide, you will either have to translate the text yourself or, quickly losing interest, move to the store. The shop offers local olive oil of different sizes, cosmetic oil on olives with beeswax, bracelets from olive tree. 5 liters of oil costs 22 euros (at the time of 2014), bracelets - 2 euros, cosmetic oil - about 4-5 euros. If you buy a bracelet from an olive tree, try not to wet it, as the water of the bracelet darkens and wrinkles from the water. The staff does not speak Russian at all.

Directly in Panagia there is where to stop, as there is a hotel, which however, is booked all in advance.

Thassos / Panagia

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