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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

Beach Limenaria

Where is it?

Limenaria beach stretches along the entire coast of the village of Limenaria. The length of about 3 km, it allows all tourists to find a place to rest. Along the shore there are places for relaxation with sun loungers belonging to a bar. And you can buy an umbrella for 7-10 euros (immediately on the market of Limenaria), a sunbed and accommodate with amenities in any vending place.

Shore and water

Pebble beach, the sea is clean, without hedgehogs. At the very beginning of the beach line, the strip for recreation is narrow, especially not unfolded. There are many taverns and bars, of which you can be watched by trapezhnichayuschie, waiting for the order.

While on the beach of Limenaria, you will always see on the horizon the famous Mount Athos in the haze of fog. This panorama of Limenaria is particularly proud, since from other parts of the island, not southern, Athos is not to be seen.

The further you advance from the center of Limenaria along the coast of the beach, the wider will be the beach strip and the less crowded it will be, there are almost no taverns. The beach ends with a cape with a staircase and a viewing platform. Further it is necessary to leave on automobile road, and there and to the beach of Tripiti is not far. Before climbing the stairs, near the headland there is a wonderful lagoon, but this place was chosen by nudists. By the way, the coastline near the cape, where many nudists - sandy. Only very stubborn tourists come here, or those who love leisurely strolling along the sea edge.

If you want to diversify your holidays in Limenaria, you can visit the nearby beaches Metalia (left of Limenaria towards Potos) and Tripiti (to the right of Limenarii towards Marion Rocks).

Thassos / Beach Limenaria

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