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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos


Limenaria - the second largest city on Thassos, is in the south of the island.

For tourists

Here are well-developed tourist services, a large number of minimarkets, several car rental offices, a fish store, water excursion bureaus. Taverns can not be counted here - all of them are located along the coast of Limenaria, therefore, wherever you decide to dine - a magnificent view of the sea is provided to you. Taverns are designed for different appetites of tourists: for fans of fast food, for fans of Italian cuisine-pizza and pasta, for fans of the lounge atmosphere, and of course, for those who came for Greek cuisine and fresh seafood.

Apartments and studios are designed for the most part on an average wallet, expensive hotels are few. There are ATMs, the bank's office, the office of the cellular operator Vodophone. The Internet catches well on beaches, even 3G.


Recently, the island began to open many tourists, so the capital of the island is the city of Thassos or Limenas with each the year becomes even more noisy, sparkling, not sleeping. In Limenaria, in spite of the same civilization, it is much calmer and quieter. Even in the season in Limenaria after 11 pm taverns are almost empty (except for taverns with live sports broadcasts), although numerous souvenir shops continue to work after midnight.

The main difference between Limenaria and Limenas is a long beach line, along which you can walk slowly along the edge of the sea a couple of kilometers. Thanks to this, vacationers are sorted evenly along the entire coast and there is no such traffic on the beach in Limenas.

Where to walk?

If you go to the right of the pier (if face to the sea) along the coast, then the farther away, the less crowded (there are also nudists) and a couple of kilometers you will bury yourself in the cape. On this promontory there is a romantic observation platform, fenced and asphalted. It's cool to stand there watching the waves break against the cape and imagine that you're alone in the whole world. On this toe there is a staircase along which you can climb and your path will continue along the road. This way you can walk to the beach of Tripiti, which is well equipped and has a delightful sand.

If you go to the left of the pier (if you stand facing the sea), you will bite into the ladder (next to the ATM) leading to the old abandoned metallurgical plant. This building is a business card of Limenaria, in almost all the photographs it is available. In the evening it is highlighted. After passing the abandoned buildings you will go down one more staircase and get to the beach of Metallia. Here the sand is also excellent and at 9 am on the beach only two or three people. The people pull themselves up to 11 o'clock and become crowded. There is a snack bar. From this beach there is a passage to the bay, but not everyone knows about it. This passage is on the right hand of the beach and it can be overcome only on the tentacles along this mini-cave.

In the same side of Limenaria, if you climb higher, there is something like a Greek stone-henge. There are white stones in the form of a circle with a small platform in the middle. On closer inspection it turned out that each stone symbolizes the sign of the zodiac and in general the building looks like a sunny clock. A little further from the stones, on the very precipice there is a bench with words carved on it about love.

There is something to see and where to walk in Limenaria.

Thassos / Limenaria

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