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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

Beach of Aliki

Aliki Beach is located in the same place, so popular with tourists. It is very crowded and in demand.

Marble, ruins, big and small beach

Aliki Beach consists of two beaches, which can be called "Big" and "Small". Between them, they are separated by a cape-marble quarry, which forms two bays.

Beach of aliki

In the Great Sandy Coast, the largest number of people, yachts seek here as part of a guided tour of the best beaches of Thassos. They strive to contemplate a colorful amazing picture of the turquoise sea and golden sand. On the Small Beach, there are fewer places for rest, as the name suggests, but it is here that you can climb along the famous ruins of Aliki, archaeological excavations. They are located near the beach.

Aliki's Ruins

The cape itself, a kind of appendix, outstanding in the sea, is famous no less than the ancient ruins mentioned. On it in ancient times, marble was mined, and salt was also evaporated. You can verify this by looking at the evidence in the form of small marble trays that can be carefully examined.

Acropolis aliki thasos

Hotels in Aliki is not much, there is not much to choose from. Since this place is recognized by the Greek government as property, the construction of new hotels and any interference in architecture is strictly regulated here. It's more convenient to just come here for a whole day.

In general, on the beach of Aliki you will have something to do. Here you will like those who are accustomed to lying under the sun on a wonderful beach, and those who prefer active rest, exploring interesting places.

Beach of Aliki Thassos / Beach of Aliki

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