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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

Beach of Potos

Potos Beach is located directly near the village of Potos, a bustling tourist resort at Thassos. The beach is one of the most crowded on the island. Contingent - families with children who on vacation between relaxation and socializing choose the latter, the youth who came to Potos for the sake of acquaintances and dances. Also very popular are Potos tourists from Germany.

There are plenty of sun loungers and umbrellas, bars and taverns on the beach. It is suggested that you experience water sports on your own.

The water in the sea, like everywhere else on Thassos, is clean and transparent. The beach is sandy, with impregnations of small pebbles.

There is a beach near Potos, to which fishing boats are moored. The quay consists of a heap of stones and white marble, this is a road leaving into the sea. Potos is a rich land for catching fish, squid and octopus, so there are taverns right on the beach, where you can taste dishes from the freshest seafood.

In general, the beach of Potos - a great place to relax a noisy company, for communication and dating, for a fun pastime. For relaxation and harmony, as well as for the restoration of nerves after office everyday life, you should go to another place on the island. Although we all restore our nerves in different ways: some, perhaps, will be approached by a festive, rattled Potos with its beach.

Thassos / Beach of Potos

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