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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

Where and what olive oil to buy at Thassos

Where and what olive oil to buy at Thassos

In this article, we will tell you how to choose the best olive oil on Thassos and where to buy it.

As you know, many people bring home olive oil from Greece, because this quality of this product in Russia is small. Often they buy 5 liters of tin in containers - our people do not like trifling.

Where to buy oil on Thassos

Oil can be easily bought in small supermarkets all over the island, in markets, but a richer choice in a large two-story market, that of Prinos (there is a pointer to the track). When buying oil, you will notice that it is produced in Crete, Corfu and elsewhere. If you want a local product, that is from a local manufacturer, you need to choose the oil from the village of Sotiros at Thassos.

If you want more atmospheric shopping, visit the oil museum in the village of Panagia - there you will buy local olive oil, produced in Sotiroz. This product is sold in different volumes, glass bottles and tin cans. In addition to shopping, you can visit the exhibition of tools, with the use of which the process of manufacturing this product. About this interesting place we have a separate article.

The photo below shows what you can buy in Panagia - the oil museum: the product itself, olive soap, cream with beeswax from burns and everything from light.

< p> To avoid weighting the luggage with a product of no higher grade, carefully select the oil in the supermarket - it can be different and is divided into segments like premium, medium and economical.

Extra virgin - first cold pressed oil

It is considered the best butter, with a rich taste, with the best ingredients and use to the maximum. The bottle will be written either in English - Extra Virgin Oil or in Greek ?????????? ??????? ?????????

Yellow or green olive oil - which is better

Extra Virgin is green and yellow. Some tourists notice that in the taverns they are served with a greenish or yellowish olive oil and try to understand what is better and which is real. In fact, the whole riddle in the olive variety - green oil is obtained from green olives. It is thicker and more aromatic than yellow and slightly different in taste.

Black olives produce an oil with a yellowish tinge, even if so to speak. Which oil is better - green or yellow is difficult to answer, because it's a matter of taste.

If you liked the green in the tavern - look for the bottle of oil in the store, in addition to Extra Virgin Oil, the inscription ??????????.

Use cold pressed oil for salads and cooking. Buy it to fry on it - throw money away.

To fry, soar, buy another variety - about it below.

Mixed oil - refined olive oil plus Extra Virgin

On the packaging will be written ????????? - ??????????? ??? ????????????? ??? ??????? ?????????. It's unlikely you will remember this, just keep in mind that this oil in the store will cost less than Extra Virgin, but not a penny.

It consists of the usual refined with the addition of extra virgin. The catch is that the ratio of none of the manufacturers does not indicate. How much extra virgins are there? 50 percent or 5?

Nevertheless, this species is quite satisfactory to the taste (especially for a misunderstanding in the good olive product of a Russian tourist). They can not only fill salads, but also boldly fry, not sparing it. After all, this bottle is much cheaper than cold pressed oil. If you cook at the hotel itself, rather than eat at taverns - this option will be universal for you.

Purified olive oil

The most economical oil (3 euros per liter container) and the simplest in all respects. The bottle will be written ?????????? - ??????? ??? ????????? (??? ???? ?????)
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