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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

What to bring from Greece - souvenirs and gifts to remember

Any traveler who has visited a new country wants to leave a piece of the site visited, so you should have as much space as possible for souvenirs and gizmos in your luggage.

Tourists are divided into those who carry customary things - magnets, postcards, key chains, for those who prefer to buy on a large - carries not only tin packing of oil, but also looks in the direction of textiles, dishes, small items of interior in the Greek style. Also there are those people who consider it their duty to find unique traditional things with a history, for which it is necessary to turn off popular tourist trails and visit the plain-looking counters in remote villages. Such tourists will not be lazy to bring home an old chest of drawers and mirrors and smaller things - rugs used, laces (made in one copy), models of ships.

We take the food and alcohol of Greece

Such a souvenir will not last long, but for gourmets it's something. Cheese will have to be eaten in the first two days, wine and ouzo can be stretched for a couple of months, but you can consume olive oil for a year (provided you buy in tin containers and with a recent shelf life), as well as a jar of honey. Olives in vacuum packing are also stored for a long time, but still not forever.

  • Olive oil
  • Cheeses
  • Olives
  • Local Wine Wine
  • Banks of honey and jam
  • Cookie boxes, baklava, etc.

Greek souvenirs for home and life

Useful and practical products for the house will always be in front of you, reminding you of a well-spent vacation. In addition to memorable memories of them will be good - decoration and use on the farm.

  • Crockery, ceramics
  • Interior items - figurines, decorative masks, amphorae
  • Textiles - bathroom rugs, towels, aprons with embroidery
  • Saltcellars, sugar bowls, lubricators, sets for pepper and salt, napkins

Greek cosmetics and soap

Our ladies appreciate cosmetics that are not expensive, but high-quality - without parabens, silicones and similar harmful additives. Therefore, those who especially not for the first time in Greece, even take a special suitcase in the luggage for these purposes. Recently, some Greek cosmetic companies have appeared in Russia, but not all. Rare, but favorite brands should be brought from Greece on their own.

How to choose what to bring with you

Many souvenirs that are sold in the resort villages and cities can satisfy not too picky tourist. However, some people are not given the pleasure of finding and shopping interesting things that will remind you of a wonderful country. Because "What to bring from Greece" depends not only on the budget, but also on the temperament and preferences of a person. Important is how often you visit Greece - if you do not have any more trips, it's better to buy a thing that is not edible, but more durable. For some, by the way, photos on the wall in the form of a collage are the most important souvenir, and you do not have to spend money.

Quality of souvenirs - Greece or China

Also you should know that in appearance a Greek amphora with the image of Hercules can be made in China. It's a shame to drive a Chinese thing home through the half-continent. This applies to all souvenirs, especially inexpensive. True Greek production you will not find everywhere.

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What souvenirs to bring from Thassos

What souvenirs to bring from Thassos

What to bring from the island in memory - to yourself and loved ones. The most famous things of Thassos.

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