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What souvenirs to bring from Halkidiki

What souvenirs to bring from Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a popular holiday destination for Russians in Greece: Sithonia and Cassandra are annually visited by thousands of our tourists. And each of them seeks to bring home memorabilia that will remind of a good life, and in twenty years will serve as proof that Greece was not a dream.

From Halkidiki everything is brought and brought with other parts of this hospitable country. It is enough to glance in the nearest shop near the popular beach, and then go to the supermarket to buy a bottle of oil - that's a set of souvenirs for domestic and Russian colleagues. But what is the most popular tourist for Halkidiki and take home as souvenirs?

Bring honey from Sithonia

This peninsula is famous for honey, especially the village of Nikiti. Hard-working bees collect honey not only from plants, but also from trees, including pines. Therefore, there are more tastes of honey and its varieties in Halkidiki than in our country. Bring one that you've never tried - perhaps a tart pine?

Honey can be bought in the heart - in Nikiti on Sithonia or in the supermarkets of the whole peninsula, including Cassandra.

Herbal pickings and mountain tea

Herbs and spices grow in Halkidiki, which we do not grow or lack. Because it will be very cool to bring the bag with the collection home and drink gulls on a cold day, remembering the sunny country. I want to note that some herbs are for an amateur, so do not buy a lot of one kind. Study the composition - mountain teas differ in the ingredients and influence on the body. The advantage of such a souvenir is that it is simply brought home, since it is light and does not take up space in the luggage.

Olive oil from the peninsula

As well as practically everywhere, there is also oil of the first pressing on Halkidiki. You can buy any, most importantly look at the expiration date and the presence of the inscription "Extra Virgin". The cheap price and absence of an inscription speaks about oil not the first pressing, and usual, for frying. It is not worth it to take a place in the suitcase, especially if the kilogram limit is very limited.

Souvenirs for home and household with Greek ornament

Textile products, kitchen accessories, coasters, rugs - all this is really useful, and will rivet your eyes, stand out among such household things. An apron from Halkidiki with embroidered olives is much better than an apron from Russia - it is known to any hostess, and it costs only 7 euros.

Icons and religious attributes, better from Mount Athos

Small icons, crosses, faces of saints in Chalkidiki are not uncommon, because St. Athos also refers to this area, although you will not be allowed there (with rare exceptions). But unique souvenirs from Athos can be bought and this is quite curious, because they were made by the hands of monks and novices.

Clothing and footwear

If you want to buy clothes of European quality, be careful in Greece, here is also full of China, Vietnam. Especially a lot of this quality on the hangers in the shops of popular resorts, and in Halkidiki all such. You should pay attention to sandals and sandals, they can be bought from the Greek master, if you carefully choose. You can also buy good quality scarves and stoles.

In general, things that will act for you as a souvenir from Halkidiki, can be chosen purely individually - for someone it's handmade earrings, for someone from shells, and someone ouzo, give it to the rest of the suitcase.

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