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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

A pilgrimage trip from Thassos to the relics of Athos

A pilgrimage trip from Thassos to the relics of Athos

For religious and faithful people, as well as for those interested in this subject, it is possible, when on Thassos, to make an excursion - to see and worship this unique Athos relic.

You probably know that Mount Athos can only visit man, and then by special permission. But this excursion allows women to join the great religious place. Of course, you will visit not Athos himself, but his metochion, but it is also imbued with the holy spirit and its power.

Use the chance to see and feel if you are on Thassos. The excursion involves several stops along the way, each interesting in its own way.

Stop first.

The relics of St. Gregory the Theologian from Thassos to Neo Karvali

Departing from Thassos, first you will visit Neo Karvali, which is near the town of Kavala. In the temple you can worship the relics of Gregory the Theologian that are here.

Kavala and the ancient Philippi

Did you know that the apostle Paul first came to Greece, began preaching in Kavala? Acknowledgment is provided by many monuments established throughout the town. In ancient times, Christianity was persecuted and you will be convinced of this by visiting the pozemeli in Philippi, where the apostle was for a long time in captivity. It's interesting to visit this place, because it was here that the first time a true woman was converted into a true faith, which became the first Christian in Europe.


Then you will advance to the most important point of the pilgrimage excursion.

Porto-Lagos is a courtyard of the Athos monastery of Vatoped and conveys the spirit and sensations of Athos itself. Here you can talk to the local people themselves and listen to his story about the courtyard and relics that are stored there. After communion, you will finally be able to see what this journey was all about - the icon of the Vsezarica and the Belt of the Blessed Virgin.

The All-Russian Icon from the Athos

The All-Russian Athos - the icon that works wonders, heals the incurable and helps those who have lost hope. In order to ask the holy person for help, many people travel a long way from other countries, therefore, being on Thassos you should definitely come here, because it is relatively close to the island. "Specialization" of the Vsezaritsa, if I may so express it, is oncological diseases, various addictions and infertility. And the help from her is not an empty phrase, but facts. More details about miracles of the Vsezaritsa can be read at specialized religious sites, as well as visiting Oncocenter in Moscow, where the list of this icon was also provided and helped the sick.

Belt of the Virgin from Mount Athos

Belt of the Blessed Virgin Mary - a shrine that all Christians honor. In Porto-Lagos they bring him from Athos, so that he is not kept here. For memory you will be presented with a small belt, which is consecrated and has the same healing properties and strength as a real relic. It will be very nice to bring such a gift to the faithful relatives, for sure it will become their main religious attribute, along with the cross.

For dessert, if you can put it this way, you will examine the relics of St. Nicholas and Panteleimon, also brought from Athos.

Thus, it is recommended that the religious pilgrims from Thassos be recommended to religious people, as well as not indifferent, wishing to feel the uplifting of spirit and hope, which is provided by faith.

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