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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

From Thassos to Kastoria for a fur coat

From Thassos to Kastoria for a fur coat

We give an example on personal experience - how to get from Thassos to the mecca of Kastoria. If you came with a tour or yourself to the island, you will have to steal from the rest 3 days for this trip (this is the minimum).

If you came with a tour operator, you can warn that you will be absent, so that you are not lost in the hotel. But then be prepared that when you find out where you are going, you are attacked by your escorts (for commissions, of course).

How to get from Tasos to Kastoria by buses step by step

  1. From Thassos you should go to Keramoti by the very first morning ferry that sails around 5-6 in the morning.
  2. In the port from the Keramoti bus stop we take a bus to Kavala (about 30 minutes drive)
  3. From Kavala bus stop we buy tickets to Thessaloniki and comfortably sleep on the flight for about 2 hours.
  4. In Thessaloniki on the bus station We immediately buy a ticket to Kastoria - the journey time is about 3.5 hours.


  • The waiting time of any of the listed flights we had no more than 1 hour. So, in Keramoti the bus approached immediately (apparently under the steam is adjusted). Already in Kavala bus to Thessaloniki waited 15 minutes, in Thessaloniki waited until the flight to Kastoria a little over 1 hour. And this is not a miracle of miracles - these popular destinations in Greece are developed and public transport is frequent. So, leaving at 6 am from Thassos, at 6 pm we were already in Kastorje.
  • It can not be said that the trip tires. It seems that a lot of transplants take away all the forces, but it's not. The waiting time for transplants is short, buses run often and buses all with a capital letter - with air conditioning, with comfortable seats. In addition, consider the fact of novelty and travel to new places - you definitely will not be bored. Of particular interest is the road from Thessaloniki to Kastoria - mountains, plains, tunnels, serpentine.
  • Bus stations are not our Russian stops on the street - In Kavala and Thessaloniki comfortable waiting rooms with air conditioning, in Thessaloniki there are cafes inside, shops - the waiting time of the bus will not fly by.

The price of the trip

For money, travel to Kastoria with ferry and buses cost about 40-50 euros per person. Day at the hotel Kastoria with a view of the lake from a large veranda balcony cost about 50 euros.

Day two: choose a fur coat in Kastoria.

Straight from the early morning, to looking for a fur coat and visiting shops.

Directly in the town on the main street, shops are located one after another - one of them leaves, the other one comes in. Some were closed, since we managed to come to the Day of the Holy Spirit, which is officially a day off. But Greek factories and most stores were opened.

You can catch a local taxi and ask to take you to Edik - a shopping center with a fur coat of boutiques and a great choice where the tour operator Mouzenidis Travel is reigning.

If you will be in a car, you will have time to reach the suburbs of Kastoria and visit the factories there.

  • We inspect shops on the main street of Kastoria
  • Visit Ediku
  • Let's go to factories on the outskirts of Kastoria (signboards with signposts on the road)

If you are fairly organized, you will have time to do everything for one day. If you want to return to Tasos by bus the next day, you should buy a fur coat on the same day or early in the morning of the next day. As for personal experience - ironically the product you liked turned out to be in the nearest store to the hotel - Chrisos Furs, it was Blackglam more expensive for 200 euros of a usual fur coat of the same style in the only fur store Ego on Thassos (about it in another article on our website) - bought the morning of the day of return to Thassos. And at 11 o'clock the bus already took us from Kastoria to Thessaloniki.

Returning from Kastoria to Thassos follows the same pattern, only in the reverse order. At Thassos, we were already at 8 pm on the same day.

Is it worth it?

The bottom line: there was not much fuss, as the description might seem. In addition, during the trip you will see most of Greece, at least from the bus window. Also you will recognize Kastoria - it has its own virtues and charm, take at least the famous lake. You can perceive this trip as an adventure and at the same time buying a fur coat.

You will definitely win in the assortment and in the proposed choice, as for money - how lucky. Theoretically, when buying a fur coat in a factory, you save money and buy quality that you can check on the spot. If you buy in Edik - here, too, how to bargain and whether you will be accompanied by tour operators who take their percentage from the sellers. If you are not picky and have a figure that suits any style, you can be content with the assortment of the Ego store at Thassos in Limenas.

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