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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

Sea excursion around the island

Sea excursion around the island

Thassos offers a variety of Excursions for Travelers , one of them - an organized boat trip on a yacht around the island. In fact, you will not go around the whole island, but part of it, but you will spend a whole day, 8 hours.

During this tour you have the opportunity to:

View to the island from the sea

Undoubtedly , you have already seen it in this perspective, when you got here on the ferry. But they saw very little. Here you will see all the rocks and secluded coves that you can take note for your next visits.

Feel the charms of sea travel

If you do not suffer from seasickness, you will enjoy swaying on the waves of the Aegean Sea. If you get into a small storm, as sometimes happens in such excursions, then you will remember this trip for a long time. Take with you protective equipment from the sun and sit on the bow of the ship, watching as the waves beat on your boat, and especially strong - can get to you. On board, as a rule, there is a bar with various drinks and snacks.

Swim in one day on many beaches

Your yacht will stop at the most popular as well as inaccessible beaches. You will be given 10-15 minutes for swimming on each beach, and you can only get into the water by jumping into the sea from the boat, as the yacht does not land on the shore.

Arrange a picnic in a secluded bay

< p> As the sailing around the island - a long walk, in one of the bays you will be asked to arrange a halt. As a rule, the chef prepares salads and meat dishes to choose from (usually chicken or pork).

Features of the excursion

Initially, appreciate your desire for this walk, as for this trip you have to allocate a whole day: a boat trip around Thassos takes about 8 hours.

If you plan on taking this excursion with children, she may seem a little tiring to them. On the other hand, you can always get inside a closed deck and get some sleep. There are less long excursions, for half a day. In this case, the whole island will not be able to go round, but you will enjoy a small sea voyage.

Price of the excursion and where to book it

Buy tickets for such excursions is better in advance, as the groups are formed in advance, and in high season it happens that the free places run out. Departure comes from the Thasos Port or Limenarja : there are piers and special excursion bureaus in these places.

A trip around the island with a barbecue will cost you about 20 euros from the nose - this is the price of the local Greek bureau in Limenas. Sea excursion from Mouzenidis Travel - 35 euros, the program can differ from the above (the excursion from the Greeks is described above).

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