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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

Hotel Mcriamos Bungalow

Hotel Mcriamos Bungalow

One of the most popular hotels in Thassos is McRiamos Bungalow, located in the same place

Let's see why this hotel is known among tourists and what it is good for them.

Where is McRiamos Bungalos

Hotel on the map

Look for a map of the island in its south-western part.

Location is more than successful - next to the main city of the island, but in silence. When staying here you simultaneously get a less closed beach, seclusion from travelers (except those who are settled here), the sea with a gentle entrance right under your nose. At the same time, it's only 20 minutes to reach the capital of Thassos before civilization. And there is bustle, shops and a market where you can get bored after some time after a beach holiday.

From here you can easily reach the Marmara Beach (15 minutes by car), which is famous all over the island.

Territory of the hotel photo

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Sea and beach

The beach is sandy, the sand itself is deep and white. The entrance to the sea is gentle, which is excellent for small children. But, judging by the reviews of tourists, the coastline is not always cleared of algae and sometimes the beach has a neat appearance.

Accommodation is offered in a bungalow according to the type of houses, but with neighbors through the wall. Be attentive when booking, the accommodation is very different in quality, repair and location on site. By the way, keep in mind that the bungalow in McRiamos is not a separate private house. As already mentioned in one of our articles, the bungalow in Greek is not a bungalow like in Thailand or in our view as a detached cottage.

The standard bungalows

are located on a hill and up to the sea walk from them about 300 meters. If you travel with young children and strollers, note this fact for yourself. Repair in these houses tiresome to wish for the best, and given the 1965 year of construction, prepare for the not declared 4 stars. There is a patio with a table and chairs for cozy gatherings.

The improved rooms are at home a little closer to the sea - about 150 meters, repair and equipment is somewhat better.

De Luxe rooms are located by the sea, have a beautiful view from the window and are distinguished by the presence of a balcony. In the house repair is fresh, the package is civilized, there is satellite TV and comfortable furniture.

In McRiyamos with children

In this hotel for children there are conditions that allow you to come here safely. Taking into account the fact that there is a tight Tasos with children's entertainments, the presence of a small zoo and children's club will not be superfluous.

Children's playground

Children can have fun on the hill, swings, meet and play with their peers from other countries.


The hotel is easily accessible and beautiful and not dangerous animals, causing a smile in both adults and children. First of all, these are peacocks and roe deer. Alive can be fed with watermelons and other things they love.="187"/>

Children's club

For tourists with a child there is a good option - a children's club, which for a time will take your child. Sometimes this is real salvation, because often on vacation you want to relax not only from work, but sometimes from children. The club offers such entertainments as catching fish in the pool, making crafts, painting t-shirts, etc. The club operates from 10-00 to 17-00.


A complimentary breakfast is served here. You can choose from several kinds of cereal, cereal, yogurts. There are usual dishes for breakfast - eggs and bacon, sausages, pastries. For children, chicken nuggets, pasta with Bolognese sauce and meat are offered. You can have lunch and dinner in the inn's tavern, the prices are the same everywhere on the island. You can buy the products in a small supermarket right there.

If you settle in McRiyamos Bungalow, You can enjoy Greece without leaving the hotel grounds, as there is everything you need. However, this is recommended only to those who are completely tired of life and fuss. We advise you to rent a car and drive around the whole island. For dinners and lunches you can go to neighboring Limenas, during the day, diversify beach rest with other beaches, for example, visit the most famous Marble Beach, which is not far from Mcriiamos along the same road.

Hotel map

Summing up:

    < li> The hotel attracts by having its large with a hotel area with a shop, tavern, parking, a zoo, places for walks, a swimming pool and a private beach.
  • Has organized leisure for children, so not rich in Thassos.
  • You can come here and do not go anywhere else, thus saving on renting a car.
  • Numbers depend on the class (three of them) and will greatly affect the quality of the rest. Do not count in standard rooms for super service. In our opinion, the numbers and their level do not deserve the price that the hotel requests. For the most part you pay for hotel amenities in the territory (children's club, zoo, live music in the evenings, etc.), a separate beach and the sea.

But think, maybe rent a hotel cheaper , but at the same time pay extra for the car and travel around the island without restrictions. On the other hand, if funds permit, you can live in Markhias in deluxe rooms and at the same time ride around the island in a rented car, then rest will be all the more successful.

Other Thassos hotels by bungalow type < >

In addition to the presented Mcriamos you may want to consider other similar hotels by the type of bungalows - about them in this article

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