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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

What to see with children in Rhodes

What to see with children in Rhodes

Entertainment for children on the island of the sun god are represented in the form of parks, a zoo, an aquapark, an amusement park ... in general in the form of specially organized places designed to take a few hours of the child's fascinating leisure. Do not forget about natural entertainment such as games on the water, excursions to interesting places with a combination of a fascinating story of an adult about what a little man sees.

Let's move on to the most popular entertainment that families and children try to visit.

Visit the Aquapark

The water park of Rhodes is considered one of the best in Europe. This is a large center of water fun with fascinating attractions, slides and installations. If there is no such leisure in your Russian city, we advise you to visit this place without fail. It is located in a large resort of Faliraki, about 20 km from the capital of the island of Rhodes.

We look at the flying beauties in the Butterfly Park. h2>

It is also close to the island's capital and is a famous unique attraction. It is amazing to the inexperienced children that such a cluster of beautiful insects, which in our country fly by the piece. Sea of ??butterflies, a carpet of butterflies, a cloud of butterflies. Perhaps one of them will make you happy with your landing on your clothes, if it will be a light shade.

We spend the day together with the children in the Luna Park


Attractions, a Ferris wheel and other joys of children's lives. If you live in a metropolis, then, perhaps, you have seen something similar. Therefore, if you have limited time and you do not have time wherever you want, you can skip this place. On the other hand, the park is in again in Faliraki, where the Aquapark is, which is convenient for visiting both in one day.

Linds and riding on donkeys

If you do not want to use Lindos and donkeys

you plan to be in Lindos, do not think that the children there will be bored. You can make a walk more atmospheric and unforgettable, if you climb the donkeys on the Acropolis of Lindos. Donkeys are not large, because the dangers do not represent for school-age children. It should be noted that if you come here with a baby who does not yet know how to walk, it will be difficult for you to climb the ruins and rocks in the Acropolis.

The acropolis and the town itself will be appreciated by schoolchildren, for the younger ones you can make a walk more interesting, telling about the history of Lindos in accessible terms (it is interesting, it is worth studying in advance) - about captains, invaders, knights.

zoo and farm of ostriches for children and their parents

One of the interesting places that allow to get to know more closely the representatives of the animal kingdom of Greece and not only is a small zoo with ostriches. Animals can be fed, ironed and photographed.

The Seven Sources Park

This is the site of the Seven Sources Park.

a place where it is simply pleasant to wander. If you are tired of roasting on the beach, you can look here and relax in the cool even during the siesta. Here the streams rumble and the shady thick branches of the trees preserve the freshness they impart. The main feature of the park is the tunnel, passing through which you will have youth (as the legend says), is not particularly suitable for children, since even many adults do not dare to go inside. But they will appreciate both kids and those who are more mature, walking freely on peacocks, ducks, geese. The colorful cockatoo in the cage also attracts attention, and the peacock periodically loses beautiful feathers that can be picked up and taken away as a unique souvenir.

Thus, the children have something to look at in Rhodes, there is something to be surprised at. and there is something to bring as a precious experience and impressions.

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