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Tavern at the Amphitheater in Limenas Thassos

Tour operator on the island of Thassos

Tour operators on Thassos - once, twice and obchelsya.

Considering that many major tour operators closed in 2014, there were no opportunities to get to Thassos by tour package.

However, there are mastodon leaders, who, thank God, do not do anything yet. Let's hope that they will continue to provide quality services for tourists in the direction of the Greek island of Thassos.

We present to you 2 tour operators on Thassos, which offer tours.

The omnipresent Mouzenidis Travel

He has the largest base of hotels and leisure options at Thassos. Charter flights from many cities of Russia, organized tours, own car fleet for transfers, hotel guides, the most complete information about the island, support and care of tourists. Counting the orientation of Muzenidis to Greece, as well as thanks to its own airline, they can be bought very well for tour packages, especially on the last day of applying for a visa.


Offers a referral to Thassos. Prices are slightly more expensive than Muzenidis's and burning tours are not so burning. In the summer of 2014, when monitoring prices, no discounts were observed at all, or they were so insignificant that they were invisible. Flying tourists to Thassos with Sea-Travel regular airlines, which limits the play by the prices of the tour.

Both tour operators offer to travel to Thassos via Thessaloniki. Next - by bus and ferry.

You can visit the sites of these tour operators and view, compare offers. Personal opinion: if you are going to buy a tour to Thassos and you want the best service and opportunities on excursions - the tour operator under the first point will suit you the most.

If you are not satisfied with the proposals of tour operators, you can always fly to Thassos yourself. It is not always cheaper, sometimes even more troublesome, but it will work out individually. To do this, read here.

Thassos / Tour operator by Thassos

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