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Corfu or Rhodes which island to choose

Corfu or Rhodes which island to choose

A complex choice between the Corfu or Rhodes islands can be done if you know some differences between them.

What are the similarities between Rhodes and Corfu

If we consider leisure, entertainment for children, sports - the rich possibilities of the above are provided by both islands. Shops, supermarkets and shopping are also approximately equal - and here and there you can easily spend money for a variety of food and clothes. Museums and attractions in abundance to be cultivated by the eyes.

What is the difference?

What is Corfu different from Rhodes and how to choose from them

Nature and vegetation

If you select Corfu, then immediately notice that this island is green and shady. A lot of lush greenery, forests, which gives the impression that it is cooler in the siesta and not only. Rhodes is also drier and sunny, but it is scanty for trees and forests, there is no such a green massif. Sometimes it seems that there is nowhere to hide from the scorching sun. In Rhodes, there is plenty of space and good visibility, while on Corfu many high cypresses and spruce hide. Especially it is noticeable if you travel by car and often move along the road.

The sea

The Rhodes banks are washed by a pair of seas - the Mediterranean and the Aegean. While Kerkyra is indulged in as much as three seas - the Ionian, the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. A certain sea has its own character and temperature, but it seems that this factor still will not be decisive in choosing the islands.


But what can it solve, so is the weather and air temperature and water. Rhodes is a southern island, Corfu is the most northern Greek island. That's why on Kerkyra summer weather sets in and the sea warms up. That's why on kerkir in early September, often rains. But in southern Rhodes, September is still high season and no one even thinks about the fact that precipitation can interfere with beach rest - it will not happen.

The influence of neighbors - Italy and Turkey

Veliko Tarnovo the influence of a close Italy on Kerkyra is also evident in architecture, especially in the center of the capital. Venetian old houses do not allow to forget about how long this place was under the rule of strangers. A lot of Italian goods in stores, including clothes. From Corfu, it is relatively close to reach by ferry to Italy, to Bari.

Rhodes is located several dozen kilometers from the border with Turkey, therefore visitors from this country are not few. Often, there are difficulties in violating air borders by Turkish aircraft, but it will not affect your vacation, it is rather a political problem.

In general, Corfu seems more cosmopolitan and multinational. Probably because of a closer neighborhood with Western Europe.


Corfu is a Greek Mecca for believers. Here Passover and other religious holidays pass by with a lot of scope, to which people from other countries come and gather specially for the sake of these events. There are many monasteries, churches and various pilgrims on the island, which can be visited and inspected.

There is no such thing in Rhodes, although he, like the whole of Greece, honors Christianity in the same way. Thus, religion can also be the decisive factor in choosing between these two islands, if you are a believer.

What to choose, Corfu or Rhodes decide for you, but we hope that helped you a bit in this.


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